Day 7 - Guys, who ordered that load of snow?

Day 7 - Guys, who ordered that load of snow?

Before I get into the meaning behind the title, let's start with an important observation about this day (actually two but the first of them is a bit overshadowed by the second).

As a look on the map told me, my stay in Sauðárkrókur was my northern-most overnight-stay in my life so far. To illustrate how far north we are talking, Sauðárkrókur doesn't get arctic nights in the winter because it's south of the arctic circle (in fact all of mainland Iceland is) but on December 21st, there are only around three hours of daylight.

It is however funny, that Sauðárkrókur experiences Midnight Sun in summer, although only under the right atmospheric conditions when the sun below the horizont gets reflected just right.

After breakfast it was time to get on the road an visit the Trolls or to be more precise, make my way around the Tröllaskagi (translating to Troll-Peninsula). This is a mountainous region of Iceland with fantastic and views of the landscape and the fjords that for the peninsula.

The only minor problem here is, that the view is only as good as the weather permits, and today mother nature decided to dump a view sh*t tons of snow on the northern part of Iceland. This limited the visibility along the way (in extreme cases down to 50 meters in the thickest snowfall) and made for some demanding and careful driving.

Right after mastering my first single-lane two-way traffic tunnel (I'm not talking about a few meters, those two bastards are 2 and 4 km long) I made the second, more important observation of the day, standing on the northern-most point in my life, so far.

66° 9' 39'' N 18° 54'' 13'' W - 45 km short of the arctic circle near Siglufjörður

From there on, the trip continued rather uneventful (except for the second single-lane tunnel and heavy snowfall) and without much of a view (insert "how can there be global warming when it's snowing in may"-joke here) through the town of Dalvik (yep, that's the namesake for the Android JVM, don't worry if this doesn't tell you anything) and on my next overnight-stay in Akureyri (the second largest town of Iceland, outside the capital area).

Seems you have to take my word for it that there is a view of the Eyjafjörður just 50 meters beyond the road