Let's get this show on the road...

... I mean rail ... I mean air ... I mean kajak ... wait wut?

Let's get this show on the road...

... I mean rail
... I mean air
... I mean kajak ... wait wut?

I know that it is exaggerated when I say that there is always a delay when going on holiday but that's what it feels like, and it's nice to complain about stuff. :P

Although credit where credit is due. Managing one train to stay on time under normal conditions should be expected as the standard. Merging two trains from different points of origin along the way and then continuing them as one train requires some juggling and courage to take the increased risk of delays. (In this case the Railjet from Ötztal, Tirol and the Railjet from Munich combined in Salzburg, only to be split again in Vienna).

Being fortunate enough to have been in such unfortunate situations before, my travel plan included enough spare time to catch this 20 minute delay without problems. And so started the next part of the journey pretty much nearly on time.

40 Minutes and a small serving of chicken breast with potato salat brought me to Munich for a short stop. Following that our plane to Keflavik International Airport took off into the remains of a nice sunset (at least above the clouds).

Although flying into and catching up with the sunset is a normal thing when you catch a flight going into the north-west at the right time (for me that was departure at 22:00 CEST), experiencing the dusk ahead of you getting brighter very slowly is a strange feeling.

Going north any time between March 21st and September 23rd means longer days at your destination than at home. This lead to the, for me, new situation that the sky towards the north-east looked something like this when I arrived at my first hotel right next to the airport.

After taking this image, the only sensible thing to do left for this long day was to get into bed and get some sleep for a good start into the first full day in Iceland.