Why did I think this was a good idea?

Why did I think this was a good idea?

Oh right, because of the view and the feeling of having accomplished something (somehow I think the latter is just a made up sentiment from the Fitness-Industrial-Complex, can't fault the view though).

After a lazy start into the day yesterday and a subsequent rush hour at the breakfast buffet I decided to start today earlier to enjoy yet another marvelous day. Today would have seen two planned events. Sadly one had to be cut due to a small accident.

But let's start with what did take place. The last time I was in Edinburgh I ran out of either time or motivation (cannot say with 100% certainty anymore) to hike up to Arthur's Seat. This is the name of a hill (maybe also just the summit, not sure at the moment) that is a dominant landmark within Edinburgh. The time from the car park (i.e. the start of the trail) to the top is given with approx 1 hour to 1 hour 15.

The Forth bridges in the distance

With a bit of extra motivation and the aided by the fact that getting there by public transport would have been about the same time as walking (i.e. 25 minutes) I decided to walk from the hotel to the start of the trail and then up the hill.

First of all 1 hour was a good bottom line time. With waiting to let people pass in the narrower sections of the trail I took 1 hour 2 minutes from the start to the top. So far so good.

The final stretch going up

That being said I was astonished how little information was available online (some one-liner descriptions for the three available routes) or at location (none) about terrain, conditions and requirements.

Leaving that aside, the views from along the way and from the top were absolutely gorgeous.

After some time on the top I made my way back down (after taking the scenic route up I decided on the shorter route through a valley for the way back).

Which brings us to the unfortunate plan cancelling occurrance I alluded to before. After getting up the hill successfully, crossing barren rock, rediculously high stone steps and making it back to the start of the trail I managed to slip on a nicely paved, flat stretch of walkway and twist my ankle. Definitely not to the point where anything got damaged seriously but enough to get swelling and a bit of a sting for the next one or two days.

As for what got cancelled, I had planned for a boat tour on the Firth of Forth among the three large bridges. As this would come with 30 minutes walking per direction (15 mins to the train station and 15 minutes form the trainstation to the pier) I decided to grab lunch and then kick back end rest my feet in the light of tomorrows travel day.

So unless something hilarious happens between now and tomorrow, this is pretty much the end of me writing about this trip to Edinburgh. Through and through a great experience I would say.